Variety Screening Series Q&A: Prisoners
18 November, 2013 Author: Catagories: Interviews, Prisoners

“Prisoners” may be among the darkest fare to hit theaters this fall, but at the Variety Screening Series showing at the Arclight on Nov. 15, Jake Gyllenhaal and director Denis Villeneuve couldn’t keep the laughs at bay.

“You have to know that Jake and I made a promise that we’d make this a serious Q&A tonight,” said Villeneuve, who is a Quebec native, after Gyllenhaal answered the first of several questions in a French accent to razz his director. “But Jake is so silly.”

“What? I’m translating for him,” Gyllenhaal said to excuse his levity. Gyllenhaal was also sporting bandages on his left hand, the result of an injury he sustained on the set of the upcoming thriller “Nightcrawler.”


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Prisoners: Variety Screening In Los Angeles
16 November, 2013 Author: Catagories: Appearances, Gallery Updates, Prisoners

Last night Jake attended a Variety screening and Q&A for ‘Prisoners’ at the ArcLight Theater in Los Angeles. He was joined by his co-star Maria Bello and director Denis Villenueve. Photos are in the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Public Appearances > 2013 > Prisoners: Variety Screening

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‘Prisoners’ Publicity Stills & Set Photo
27 September, 2013 Author: Catagories: Gallery Updates, Prisoners

The gallery has been updated with 11 new high quality stills from ‘Prisoners’, as well as a new / old photo of Jake on the set of the film with co-star Erin Gerasimovich (courtesy of

Gallery Links:
Official Movie Pictures > Prisoners (2013) > Publicity Stills
Official Movie Pictures > Prisoners (2013) > On Set In Georgia | Miscellaneous

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‘Prisoners’ UK Interviews (Audio & Video)
27 September, 2013 Author: Catagories: Interviews, Prisoners, Videos

Several new video and radio interviews with Jake about ‘Prisoners’ have been released.

Audio / Video Links:
‘Prisoners’ Interview (Steve Wright In The Afternoon / BBC1)
‘Prisoners’ Interview (Greg James / BBC1)
Jake Reacts to Greg James’ “Wrecking Ball” Video (BBC1)
‘Prisoners’ Interview (Magic 105.4 FM)
‘Prisoners’ Interview (Kiss FM UK)
‘Prisoners’ Interview (Yahoo!)
‘Prisoners’ Interview (Total Film)
‘Prisoners’ Interview (Associated Press)

More will be added to the video archive as they become available!

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Jake Talks Prisoners, Boxing and Conquering Everest
25 September, 2013 Author: Catagories: Everest, Interviews, Prisoners

Jake Gyllenhaal has some style advice. “Ask yourself why a red carpet is red,” says the actor, his face intensely serious. “It could be any colour.” It’s enough to throw us for a second, before he smiles that winning smile that lets you know he’s just kidding around. It’s the same with his outfit: a well-fitted navy suit, clean gingham shirt, hair slicked back, beard flecked with new patches of grey. At first glance he looks smart, business-like, until you spot his footwear: a pair of beaten-up biker boots that he wears everywhere. That’s the thing about Gyllenhaal; he projects a kind of intensity mixed with a likeability that means no matter the role – think the troubled teen of Donnie Darko, the damaged GI of Jarhead or the beat-cop of the recent End Of Watch – you’re invariably on his side.


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Meet The Filmmakers: Prisoners
23 September, 2013 Author: Catagories: Appearances, Gallery Updates, Prisoners

Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman and director Denis Villeneuve participated in a ‘Meet The Filmmakers’ session at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London today. They discussed their new film, ‘Prisoners’.

Gallery Links:
Public Appearances > 2013 > Meet The Filmmakers: Prisoners

Thanks to for some of the pictures!

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