Natalie Portman has finally responded to Jake Gyllenhaal recently calling her the Audrey Hepburn of our generation at an awards show earlier this month.

“Well, he’s the Cary Grant of our generation,” Natalie told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson on Sunday at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, referring to Jake’s similarities to the legendary late actor, who starred in such films as 1955’s Hitchcock classic “To Catch A Thief” and 1944’s “None But The Lonely Heart,” for which he received an Oscar nomination.

“He’s so charismatic,” Natalie continued of Jake. “And so dapper and smart. He’s wonderful.”

While Natalie had compliments for Jake on Sunday night, she herself received yet more praise from her peers in the form of the SAG Award for Outstanding Actress, for her role as tortured ballerina Nina in “Black Swan.”

The event was another happy moment for the celebrated actress, but being pregnant with her first child meant she had to plan a few things out – like keeping food close by.

“My manager has my snacks. That’s the most important thing,” she laughed. “[I have] like cookies and apples slices and stuff like that ‘cause they never feed you at these things so… you know, babies gotta eat.”

While apples and cookies offer sweet flavors, Natalie revealed she actually has pregnancy cravings on the other end of the food spectrum.

“Sour!” she laughed. “Sour has been sort of my thing, but it hasn’t been that unusual, I have to say.”