• Tagline: It started as a desperate escape and became the wildest ride of their lives.
• Director: James Cox
• Writer: Scott Rosenberg
• Release Date: N/A
• MPAA Rating: Rated R for sexuality, some language and drug content.
• Genre: Crime | Drama
• Runtime: 97 min
• Box Office #’s: Here

Jack is caught with the wife of his employer, a Vegas thug. The thug sends goons after Jack, who convinces his best friend, Pilot, to flee with him. Pilot insists that they head for Seattle, but doesn’t tell Jack why. The goons learn from Pilot’s drug source where the youths are headed, and they follow, hell bent on breaking Jack’s feet. On the road, Jack and Pilot give a ride to Cassie, a distressed young woman. She and Jack hit it off. They pick up an aging stoner headed to Seattle for Kurt Cobain’s memorial, and they help a circus sideshow family. Why is Pilot so set on Seattle, will the goons catch Jack, and is there any way the friends’ competing needs can be resolved?

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Cast Highlights

• Jared Leto … Jack Hayes
• Selma Blair … Cassie
• Jeremy Piven … Scawldy


Pilot Kelson: Pop Quiz.
Jack Hayes: No.
Pilot Kelson: Come on. It’s a quick one.
Jack Hayes: Go.
Pilot Kelson: What is 1,056 dicks?
Jack Hayes: A lot of dicks.
Pilot Kelson: Beep. Perfect Score. Gold star.

Pilot Kelson: You are one daffy invididual!

Pilot Kelson: I like it… Hit the road, flee for your life, meet a doll who’s got “once and a lifetime girl of my dreams and reason to believe” written all over her like so much graffiti. It could only happen to the god of fuck.

Pilot Kelson: [after the alligator boy screams] That be a cry laden with pain and sorrow

Pilot Kelson: Desmond the alligator boy is a major happener

Pilot Kelson: When you think about it, the world is divided into 2 groups… pandas and alligator boys

Jack Hayes: Pop quiz.
Pilot Kelson: Go.
Jack Hayes: How much I owe you for helping me out?
Pilot Kelson: A gazillion.
Jack Hayes: Who’s the major old-school happener?
Pilot Kelson: Piiilot.
Jack Hayes: How much longer we a team?
Pilot Kelson: Forever.
Jack Hayes: Beep… perfect score, gold star.

Jack Hayes: You bang her yet man?
Pilot Kelson: Not even close… if “Bangher” was an island off the coast of the Carribean, me and Lucy are stuck in traffic in Jersey

Jack Hayes: Can we just have 15 minutes of fun in our fucking miserable lives?
Pilot Kelson: Famous last words…

Pilot Kelson: [telling Jack that the whore thought Pilot was sexually confused] Sexual confusion… I mean, you don’t think I have sexual confusion, do you?

Pilot Kelson: So, it was cool, you know? I told her about my troubles and she was like, ‘sexual confusion’s a tricky thing’. Sexual confusion? I mean, easy on the sexual confusion tip, baby. You make me sound like a guy in a raincoat with a fistful of vaseline, you know?
Pilot Kelson: Sexual confusion… I mean, you don’t think I have sexual confusion, do you…?

Pilot Kelson: This is Jack Hayes, the God of Fuck!
Shanks: [turns to Jack] Is that what they call you? The God of Fuck? Tell me something… do you like to get fucked?

Cassie: That’s pretty pathetic in my book.
Pilot Kelson: In your book? And what’s the title of that book? Is it called ‘Give Me A Hundred Bucks And I’ll Suck Your Dick’? Cause I think I read that one, and it was… ooh… lurid.