The 29-year-old actor stars in new action epic Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. It’s a big-budget project and Jake is certain it has the potential to be as good as Harrison’s classic Indiana Jones franchise, even though hundreds of people have told him the chances of critical and box office success are slim.

“Look, I know there is a legacy of these films,” he told Total Film magazine. “People who’ve done them and pulled them off and those who haven’t. Indiana Jones is one of my favourite films ever. That’s what I want to challenge, and that was the pressure I felt. It’s me everyday. I’m the guy.”

Jake worked out for seven months to bulk up his slender frame for the film. He did all his own stunts and thinks some of the fight scenes look truly spectacular on the big screen.

“The bad guys all had different powers, so I fight them in different ways,” he said. “There’s a great fight where one of them has these whips with blades on the end, then I fight another one with blades for hands, and another one who shoots spikes. And there’s some great chase scenes in the movie, involving sword-fighting and humour, which is the hardest part of action.”