The reactions are pouring in from the first screening of Disney’s Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. The movie premiered at ShoWest and plenty of people are blazing the world of Twitter with their instant reactions to the film. Fans of the video game have thrown in their two cents as well as people who wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. Well, it’s time for Prince of Persia to be put on the chopping block so here it is…

For the most part, it sounds like people had high expectations for this film, which I believe was their first mistake. The majority of these tweets are comments of frustration and disappointment. This begs the question, did we all see the same trailers that have been gracing the internet for the past few months? Prince of Persia doesn’t look like the savior of the video game genre, hell it looks borderline campy!

The general consensus here is that the movie is mediocre, and that sounds like an accurate assessment. Just because Jake Gyllenhaal is doing backflips in the desert in the middle of a Jerry Bruckheimer film doesn’t mean it’s the be all, end all of action movies.

Here’s what we’re hearing through the grapevine so far…

  • SvenRump: Prince of Persia: a rollicking good time. Swords & Sandals 2010 Bruckheimer Style
  • Slashfilm: Feeling let down by Prince of Persia. The production design, cinematography, costume design all amazing. But the plot, characters and casting is kind of a mess.
  • FirstShowing: Prince of Persia was good, not great, pretty much exactly what I expected. It moved VERY quickly but was still long. Not enough parkour. I like the plot, but there’s so much going on it was confusing at times, felt a little rushed and messy, but wasn’t bad. Just good I guess.
  • Schofizzy: No surprise that PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIME looks cool and that’s about it.
  • mattign: Just saw Prince of Persia. Fun movie.
  • bitmobshoe: Prince of Persia movie is a lot of mindless, summer blockbuster fun. The expected cliches were out in full force though.
  • entoncesmn: Prince of Persia is big and loud and and action-filled but all that didn’t make the story better.