Jake Gyllenhaal says he’s proud of that beautiful body of his – and we can hardly blame him.

Hunky Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal, who has us swooning over him on a daily basis, admits he’s put a helluva lot of work into achieving THAT physique for his latest film Prince of Persia.

He said: “I got into shape by doing acrobatics.

“I also did a lot of horse riding and when it was time to the shoot there were daily workouts and I’d run back from the set to the hotel when we were in Morocco.”

Asked if he was proud of his body, he added: “Yes, I’m very proud.”
And just when we thought we couldn’t get more excited for a film than for the Prince of Persia, the cheeky batchelor tempted us with another of his creations.
He added: “If you think I’m naked in this movie, you should the movie I did with Ed Zwick, Love And Other Drugs. You’ll just have to come back for that one.”