Sir Ben Kingsley has heaped praise on Prince Of Persia’s leading man, Jake Gyllenhaal.

The duo star in the Disney blockbuster – in which Jake plays Prince Dastan and Sir Ben portrays his uncle Nizam – and the British legend described the US star as “wonderful” because he can let his guard down.

“Jake is a great leading man to work with – he’s wonderful to work with because he makes himself vulnerable,” he said.

“For a strong young guy like that, not many of his American counterparts are vulnerable. They don’t dare to be vulnerable because they think vulnerable is weak. It is not – to be vulnerable is to be very strong.”

Sir Ben found himself drawn to the role of Nizam because of his multi-faceted personality.

“I found Nizam a bit Shakespearian,” he explained.

“The wonderful thing about playing Nizam is that there’s layer upon layer of extraordinary behaviour – there’s cunning, envy, regret, greed, monstrous ego and narcissism. I could go on and on – he is such a great guy to play.”

Prince Of Persia is in cinemas now.