Thanks to @4JakeGyllenhaal for the scan and WDW for translating!

Whether Jake is ever confused with another actor: ‘Yes, Tobey! Perhaps because we both lived, at different times, with the same person [Kirsten Dunst]. Despite some rivalry, we have a lot of respect for each other. I admire his career.’

Jake’s first girlfriend: ‘She found me too talkative and left me very quickly. She wasn’t wrong.’

Is Jake ‘good at pulling’? ‘They wanted to label me as a seducer, but now I think I’ve proved that I’m not like that, and I can’t turn over a new leaf overnight.

At school Jake was more interested in the early history of cinema than in the early history of the earth.
Does Jake ever fall asleep in front of the TV? ‘Yes, and it’s not a good sign. It means I’m alone and I’m depressed, so it’s better that it happens as little as possible.’ In my experience, all men fall asleep in front of the TV – they have a gene for it – and so Jake shouldn’t feel bad that this happens to him.

What’s on Jake’s ‘in front of the TV’ dinner tray? ‘Not much. Definitely a sandwich that I made in a rush, with some chips.’ I think by ‘chips’ Jake doesn’t mean chips, but crisps (hopefully cheese and onion, or barbecue beef).

If Jake were watching TV and one of his movies came on, would he watch it? ‘That’s very rare. It would have to be because I have an excellent memory of the shoot and because I took that time to heart.’

Does Jake think he’s ugly? Yes he does – very, very ugly. ‘At those times, it’s better to avoid me.’ But, fortunately, less attention is made to appearance these days. ‘We try to grow and be a better person.’

What are Jake’s first thoughts in the morning when he looks in the mirror? ‘Nothing, I can’t even think in the morning. I always feel like I’m in a coma. I take a shower, I try to eat breakfast and I go to work’.

Does Jake have any paparazzi disguises? ‘If you consider a cap a disguise, yes. It doesn’t really cover me but I have an impression of feeling protected.’

Jake’s remedy against stage fright: ‘Sport! Individual or as a team, such as basketball. That’s my only weapon to exhaust all my fears.’

What stresses Jake the most? ‘The holidays at the end of the year. My mother’s Jewish and my father Christian. And all these religious festivals and traditions end up seriously distressing me.’

What prevents Jake from sleeping? ‘Unfinished work. If something prevents me from completing a scene, I find it impossible to sleep’.

Has Jake ever been on a diet? ‘Yes, but for my muscles. For the movie Prince of Persia, I had to put on lots of muscle, so I managed a balanced diet with extra protein.’

What’s the messsage on Jake’s phone? ‘At first, my voicemail said politely: ‘You are through to Jake’s phone, please leave a message after the beep’. I was told that the message was corny and it wasn’t wise to talk about myself but I should be using a prerecorded message. I gave in to the pressure and now people complain because they are never sure that they’re on the right answer phone.’
Jake’s phone tune: ‘A musician friend composed a tune exclusively for my cell phone. I complained that I had the same tune as everyone else. Thanks to him, without doubt, I always know if it’s my phone or not.’