At ELLE’s 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute, Jake Gyllenhal honored Gwyneth Paltrow, his costar in the 2005 drama Proof.

“Bottom line, she is not a mere mortal like the rest of us,” the actor, 29, said in his introduction. “She is an Internet-savvy, award-winning, lifestyle guru, making all of us look lazy. She doesn’t just find a nice guy to settle down with — she marries a rock star and then domesticates him. She doesn’t just cook — she goes to Spain with Mario Batali and then domesticates him! She is not just a lifestyle guru, but she invents a whole new fitness movement and then convinces me to try it, and I do it, and I am, therefore, domesticated … sweating my ass off in spandex, which is humbling and embarrassing.”

When Paltrow, 38, took the stage, she said she didn’t have a speech because, “I kind of wanted to speak from my heart.” And she was more candid than ever.

“Jake is gorgeous and hilarious and when we worked together in Proof, I was pregnant and I was a f****** nightmare hormonal mess, but we managed to stay friends through it anyways,” she said.

Since Proof, she said, “I had my kids and everything really changed for me, so I feel so honored that you are honoring me because I feel like I have shifted focus so much.

“I have this really great guy [Coldplay’s Chris Martin], and these two great kids, and I feel like that was all a process of getting me to where I am.

“I am a woman in Hollywood and I am a mother in Hollywood and I come from a woman in Hollywood, my mother Blythe,” she concluded. “I think that she did such a good job teaching me how to be a woman in Hollywood, teaching me god values, and I hope to pass that on to my kids.”