Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway team up—and majorly get it on—for the first time since Brokeback Mountain in their new rom-com Love and Other Drugs (which we can’t stop raving about).

“It’s different because this story is about us,” Jake told us on the carpet for his premiere at the AFI Fest presented by Audi. “The other story was about how we were not into each other.”

And Gyllenhaal is hoping his chemistry with Hathaway in this flick will set the horny record straight. Way straight:

“I would hope that this could clear the air that it was acting,” J.G. said referring to his homolicious role in Brokeback with late BFF Heath Ledger.

“[Anne and I] have sex like 16 or 17 times in this one,” laughed Jake to reporters about his and “Annie’s” chemistry (which is real good).

“To be making a movie also that can be easily cliché and work with someone that talented just ups the game,” Gyllenhaal told us about why he had so much fun on this par-tick flick.

“Maybe it’s our experience in movies past or our love for each other as friends, but there’s real stuff going on. That makes it more special than any romantic comedy I’ve seen lately.”

Oh yeah, and the fact that Jake’s hot tush, abs and invitation muscles are on display totally doesn’t hurt either.

Once we saw the flick for a second time and could pay attention to the acting instead of bod, we think J.G. could get his name thrown around the mix during awards season. At least for a Globe!

BTW, we are also way prepared after you guys check this movie out to answer your “can Anne and Jake please be together in real life?” questions in the Bitch-Backs.

Sorry—strictly plutonic there folks.

But, Jake, don’t totally distance yourself from Brokeback. That role and this one equally showcase your amazing talent and yumness.

We’ll take ya either way!