There’s been a bit of a recurring theme in conversations about Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway‘s new film Love and Other Drugs: nakedness.

But there’s been less talk about what Jake learned about a certain pharmaceutical in his role as a Viagra salesman. E! News asked the leading man at the movie’s Hollywood premiere just what he’d learned and if he’s had any, um, experiences of his own…

“[Laughs.] What?! I’m surprised my publicist didn’t pull me with that one. ‘No! He’s not answering that question. No!’

“You know, I’m committed to the role,” Jake continued, “and my character actually does have an experience with Viagra. It’s sometimes used for other things than…dysfun…Can I say erectile dysfunction? E! It stands for erectile dysfunction!”

Gyllenhaal was also quick to point out that the movie isn’t all about two really hot people shedding their clothes.

“Yeah, we make a lot of love in the movie. [But] when we’re not doing that, we’re talking.” Intimate conversations aside, the star did concede, “Most of the time, yes, we are naked.”

Check out the video for more on all that nakedness and how he and his costar Hathaway handled their birthday-suit scenes.