Jake Gyllenhaal has been named an ambassador for the Chez Panisse Foundation’s Edible Schoolyard program, a movement to teach students about growing and cooking their own food by harvesting fruits and vegetables!

“I am so excited to accept the position of Ambassador for Edible Schoolyards,” Jake, 29, said.

“I have long admired [founder Alice Waters]‘ work and care deeply about helping children better their health, communities and environment….the students get to apply what they learn about cooking and gardening to other subjects, science for example, where they can learn about photosynthesis while planting in the garden and having the invaluable experience of spending time outside.”

“The Chez Panisse Foundation is not only offering an education that students will benefit from for the rest of their lives, but they’re a leading force in the movement to change the future of this country’s youngest generations,” Jake concluded.

Learn more at ChezPanisseFoundation.org!