Jake Gyllenhaal found it “crazy” spending time with the man his Love and Other Drugs character was based on.

The talented actor appeared opposite Anne Hathaway in last year’s hit romantic comedy set in the period when erectile dysfunction treatment Viagra was being launched.

The movie is loosely inspired by the book Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman, which was written by Jamie Reidy, a former sales representative for the drug.

Jake admits spending time with the man that inspired his character in the film was a unique experience. The star was certainly impressed with Jamie’s social skills, and found him extremely fun to be around.

“He would always grab somebody in restaurants. He would always grab a waitress and ask them where they were from and then I’d come back from the bathroom and he’d know their life story and someone they were related to, it’s crazy,” Jake told Cover Media.

Although Jake’s character in the movie Jamie Randall is fictitious, the Hollywood hunk did add in some of Jamie Reidy’s mannerisms. Jake was particularly taken with Jamie’s storytelling skills.

“There are so many things that are woven in from Jamie. I spent hours with Jamie recording him, picking up his rhythms, picking up his stories, learning his repetition,
“I would give little things like he always goes ‘Really?’, it was a thing he always did in the middle of a story,” recalled the star.