There have been reports flying around lately that the 30-year-old movie hunk will be replacing Matt Damon as the lead character in the latest movie in the action franchise, due for release in 2012.

Matt, 40, played lead character Jason Bourne in the first three movies, and so far little has been confirmed of the route The Bourne Legacy will take, other than that Tony Gilroy will direct.

Jake – who is currently promoting science-fiction thriller Source Code – admits he has been flattered by the suggestions, although has insisted there is no truth in the rumours.

“That’s quite a rumour and that would be amazing if that were true, but it’s unfortunately not,” he told Extra.

The star was also quizzed about his love life, as he boasts an army of female fans across the globe. The heartthrob has previously dated gorgeous actresses such as Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon. More recently he was believed to be dating country singer Taylor Swift, although they split earlier this year. Jake was reluctant to discuss romance, and managed to dodge the question by comparing himself to vegetables.

“By ‘on the market’ or ‘off the market’, do you mean I am a fresh vegetable or am I canned? Can you pay for me at the checkout? Is that what you mean?” he joked, when asked if he is “on the market” at the moment.

“You can definitely pay for a little piece of me if you go see Source Code.”