The 30-year-old US actor has spoken about how he winds down while shooting films. He enjoys playing the sports-based computer on movie sets, and makes the game extra special by singing Whitney Houston tracts while taking part. He finds that satisfies his urge to sing in public, which he is often too nervous to do.

“I don’t really do karaoke that much! What’s that song I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody? I always want to do The Bodyguard soundtrack I Will Always Love You. I like that,” he said when asked what his signature karaoke songs were. “No, maybe just a bit of Wii tennis [on set], while I’m singing Whitney’s I Will Always Love You. That’s the only way to do it really. You can’t play Wii tennis when you’re not listening to Whitney Houston.”

Jake is currently promoting science-fiction thriller Source Code, which recounts the story of a soldier who wakes up to find himself in the body of an unknown man and learns he is part of government experiment.

The Hollywood star says he came to work with director Duncan Jones on the project after sending him the script, oblivious that Duncan would actually be interested in the screenplay.

“He’s amazing. I had a general meeting with him because he was interested in me playing a role in one of his movies that he was writing and then at the end of the meeting I was like, ‘I think you should read this script, I dunno whether you’d be into it,’ he was like ‘Sure man, yeah, I’ll take a look,’” he explained to “I sent it to him and I had literally no idea he’d wanna do this. I figured he’d want to do something he wrote himself, cos that’s what he does, but he wanted to do it which was crazy, it was awesome. Four months later we were making a movie and it was a dream come true.”

The critically-acclaimed star says his most popular movies include Donnie Darko, Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain. Donnie Darko was Jake’s second major film and was not a box office success upon its initial 2001 release, but eventually became a cult favourite.

“I would say definitely Donnie Darko is number one. Donnie Darko fans are the most adventurous, and seemingly the most confident, then it’s a toss-up between Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain,” he said.