Thirty-year-old actor Jake Gyllenhaal says his ‘badass’ mum got him a rare Banksy print for his recent birthday.

‘My mum went to try and find Banksy when she was in London,’ said Gyllenhaal in the animated interview on US TV show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

‘That’s like trying to find the Unabomber,’ said Kimmel.

‘She went to places she thought he might be in London… and I can imagine my mother, because she really is pretty badass, just throwing thugs against the wall and being like ‘where’s Banksy, I know where you hide him?” he joked.

The Donnie Darko star said his mum failed to meet the mystery street artist but she did manage to nab one of the 350 coveted prints that Banksy occasionally gives away online.

‘75,000 people tried to get one, like a raffle but with my mother it’s war,’ he said.

The Brokeback Mountain star also said that he still gets people assuming he is gay.

‘It’s because my manager and all these people walked in while my friend was doing up my tie once,’ he recalled.

Gyllenhaal said the fires of suspicion were stoked further when the same friend shouted out ‘Yeah Baby!’ when he won his Bafta.

‘Everyone in the crowd just looked at him and whispered ‘did he just call him baby?’ he joked.

Gyllenhaal’s new movie Source Code is out on April 1st.