He’s been under the coveted directorial thumbs of Ang Lee and Jim Sheridan, but now Jake Gyllenhaal is doling out advice for aspiring actors and filmmakers.

A humorous Gyllenhaal appeared at the Apple Store in SoHo Friday evening with co-star Michelle Monaghan and director Duncan Jones in promotion of their new movie, “Source Code.” The panel discussion was followed by a Q&A session with the mostly teenage audience, delighting passersby who congregated en masse on the store’s second floor.

When asked by a high schooler if acting was a viable career path, Gyllenhaal immediately quipped, “Is there something wrong with you?”

“It’s just about doing it right when it feels right. It’s about listening to people and being present with other people,” said the Academy Award-nominated actor, who grew up with both parents working in Hollywood. “That’s what they always say about acting.”

Gyllenhaal approached Jones with the script after watching the director’s critically hailed debut, 2009’s “Moon” with Sam Rockwell. Both movies deal with a sci-fi-driven plot line and a serious sense of physical and emotional isolation.

“The best directors I’ve worked with have the people around them they’ve started out with. When I met Jim Sheridan, he had the same people around him since the beginning.”

On his favorite actress he’s starred with, Gyllenhaal was initially less diplomatic.

“Definitely not Michelle! No, each one has their own special…” he grinned, then turned to his female costar.

“Man, this iPad is really going to be worth it!.”