Jake Gyllenhaal believes the movie City Slickers was a hit because of him.

The Hollywood star appeared in the 1991 comedy as an 11-year-old, alongside Billy Crystal. The film went on to be a massive hit across the world, a fact that Jake attributes to his presence in the movie.

“I’m the reason that movie was a hit. It was all down to me,” he joked to Empire magazine, before adding, “You know, I do remember shooting a scene in the schoolroom, where Billy Crystal had a big speech. And I get up and say, ‘My dad’s Mitch and he’s a submarine commander.’ I must have said it a million times and I was so nervous. Which worked, I guess, for the scene.”

Jake has since gone on to forge a successful film career, but still remembers his first experience on a movie set. He recounts looking on in amazement at the professionalism of his more experienced co-star.

“But Billy had a three-page monologue, and I remember being, ‘Oh my God, how’s he saying all those words? He’s so amazing,” he added.