The 30-year-old hunk has enjoyed a successful film career since shooting to fame in cult hit Donnie Darko in 2001, and has managed not to let fame go to his head.

Jake credits his down-to-earth nature to being mocked on film sets, which he thinks stops all actors from becoming big headed.

“Being on a movie set, there’s just no way you won’t end up a rounded kind of person as everybody gives each other sh*t all the time. That’s what makes movies,” he laughed to the British edition of OK! magazine.

One of Jake’s idols is George Clooney, primarily because the star has kept his feet firmly on the ground. According to Jake, it’s important for actors to consider the type of people they spend time with.

“If you surround yourself with the people who actually believe in the work that you do then it’s impossible to lose a sense of yourself,” he asserted.

“I admire somebody like George Clooney, who has people around him who are actually working in the field.”