We’ve been covering the tale of David O. Russell’s aborted “Nailed” for years, but the film is one that doesn’t seem to know when to say die. To make a long story short, Russell’s comedy — starring Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, Catherine Keener, Tracy Morgan and James Marsden — follows an uninsured waitress (Biel) who accidentally gets shot in the head with a nail. She goes to Washington on a crusade to fight for the rights of the bizarrely injured, but gets taken advantage of by a slimy congressman (Gyllenhaal). A great premise for sure, however a string of financial bungling plagued the movie throughout production, and filming eventually halted entirely before the crucial injury sequence could be reshot. The movie changed hands, Russell walked away from it, but Voltage Pictures seems to have figured out a way to get it out there, and “Nailed” is headed for a UK release.

Screen Daily reports that Arrow Films has snapped up the UK rights to the film that’s now called “Politics Of Love” with plans for a 2015 release. And no, Russell was not involved. Instead, producer Kia Jam (“Sin City: A Dame To Kill For,” “Lucky Number Slevin”) completed the cut (his company K. Jam Media picked up the rights to this movie last year), but there’s a bigger question now in play: will the film get a stateside release?

We’re not sure of what legalities might be in the way of this movie getting hitting U.S. theaters, but the film has already been rated by the MPAA (PG-13 “for sexual contact and language,” in case you’re wondering). And certainly, with Russell himself washing his hands of his movie, we don’t see any of the cast getting involved to do any press for it, putting any potential distributor in an interesting position.

It’s a surprising turn of events and we’re sure there’s more to come out of this story, but it looks like “Nailed” is finally coming.