Stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Kaley Cuoco find joy in their ties with the charities they support.

Screen Actors Guild Foundation
Jake Gyllenhaal

“A lot of younger people don’t understand acting as a craft. They’ll call me a celebrity. I always find that an odd thing to be called, when I’m an actor. That’s what I love to do. So I love talking to eager audiences about the craft, and the foundation allows that. Also, I have watched conversations with other actors and learned so much from the things that the foundation has done. When I see actors discuss their process, and when I’ve had the honor to do it, it makes you look at your own work in a different way.”

JoBeth Williams
President, Screen Actors Guild Foundation

“When our high-profile actors come forward and help us, it puts us in the eye of our community in a way that wouldn’t happen otherwise. His presence and his status, when he appears for us, and speaks to our membership, and helps support actors who may be struggling, who are just starting out, has enormous impact. It makes our members more aware of the foundation and what we do, and makes them want to participate. It gets the message out that actors care about other actors.”