If someone tells you that an actor is set for The Batman, that information is false. If someone tells you that a solo Flash movie is good to go, that information is false. While it may be fun to get the scoop, accuracy counts, and right now the most accurate assessment of Warner Bros.’ plans for the DCEU is that they’re waiting to see how Justice League performs. Anything beyond that is presumptive and trying to firm up details that the studio hasn’t decided.

Earlier today, a rumor surfaced that The Batman director Matt Reeves wants Jake Gyllenhaal to play the Caped Crusader. Our Editor-in-chief Steve Weintraub did some digging, and while he confirmed that Reeves and Gyllenhaal had a meeting, Reeves has also met with a few other actors as well.

As you can see in the video above, Steve points out that Warner Bros. doesn’t even have a shortlist of actors for The Batman. What this means is that nothing is set in stone, and while some may see this as confirmation that Affleck is on his way out, that would be jumping the gun.

The important thing to know right now with regards to casting on The Batman and future DCEU movies is that Warner Bros. is being very cautious. They previously put the cart before the horse years back when they announced a slew of DCEU movies and then those films didn’t come together. Now they’ve pumped their brakes and you can see that in their slate. The only movies that have any momentum are the ones that are pretty much outside the bounds of Justice League.

You have Aquaman, which completed filming before Justice League was released; you have Wonder Woman 2, which was a given because the first movie was such a massive hit; and you have Shazam!, which features a character who wasn’t in Justice League and therefore not subject to that film’s success or failure. Everything else—whether it’s The Batman or Flashpoint or even Suicide Squad 2—is something that’s in development rather than a picture with a firm release date and plans to start shooting.

So while it’s fun to speculate on who may put on the cape and cowl if it’s not Ben Affleck, no decision have been made regarding casting on The Batman.