On October 1st, the New York City Center will kick off a new season, during which it will celebrate it’s 75th anniversary. To honor its rich history, the City Center has commissioned 3 visual art installations, including one which features a series of photos by Nina Robinson of artists who’ve worked with the venue, including Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake’s photo and thoughts on what the City Center means to him are below:

Jake Gyllenhaal

“Home for me is where a challenge lies. Little Shop of Horrors was the first time I had sung to a New York audience. I can still remember the feeling, the vibration of the audience. It was an inexplicable feeling. I couldn’t really comprehend it. That energy has been pretty much unmatched since that moment by anything that I’ve performed, in a film or in front of an audience.”

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots & Outtakes > Sessions > 2018 > Session 004 [Town & Country Magazine]