Jake Gyllenhaal Just Wants to Freak Himself Out
5 June, 2024 Author: Catagories: Gallery Updates, Interviews, Videos

Jake Gyllenhaal pulls his glasses out of his jean jacket pocket, the Coke bottle lenses in them strong enough to correct his 20/1250 vision. Yes, you read that right. These are not Internet Boyfriend glasses, to be styled with a fuzzy cardigan and a rakish smile. These are I Literally Can’t See glasses. Looking through them with normal vision feels like being on some sort of a hallucinogenic.

Gyllenhaal, 43, has been wearing intensive corrective lenses since he was about 6. Born with a lazy eye that naturally resolved, he’s still legally blind. “I like to think it’s advantageous,” he says. “I’ve never known anything else. When I can’t see in the morning, before I put on my glasses, it’s a place where I can be with myself.” He has used his blindness sometimes to help him as an actor — when he was shooting a difficult scene in the 2015 boxing movie Southpaw, one in which police tell his character that his wife has died, Gyllenhaal removed his contacts to force himself to listen more closely.


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Trailer For ‘Presumed Innocent’ (Video + Screencaps)
22 May, 2024 Author: Catagories: Gallery Updates, Presumed Innocent, Videos

Apple TV+ has released a new trailer and poster for the 8-part limited series, ‘Presumed Innocent’. Follow the link below to watch, or download the video in our media section. ‘Presumed Innocent’ premieres June 12th.

‘Presumed Innocent’ – Trailer – (Watch) (Download)

A horrific murder upends the Chicago Prosecuting Attorney’s Office when one of its own is suspected of the crime—leaving the accused fighting to keep his family together.

Gallery Links:
Screen Captures > Television > Productions > Presumed Innocent (2024) > Trailer
Television Productions > Presumed Innocent (2024) > Posters / Promotional Artwork

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Saturday Night Live (Videos + Screen Captures)
19 May, 2024 Author: Catagories: Gallery Updates, Videos

If you missed last night’s episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’, hosted by Jake Gyllenhaal, you can watch all of Jake’s skits from the show over on the official SNL Youtube page, or in our video archive. Our gallery has also been updated with HQ stills, screen captures, bumper photos, and behind the scenes photos from SNL.

Gallery Links:
Public Appearances > TV Specials > Saturday Night Live – Stills (2024)
Television > Saturday Night Live > 2024 > Screen Captures
Public Appearances > TV Specials > Saturday Night Live – Bumper Photos (2024)

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Jake Remembers First SNL Monologue: “It’s Hard to Forget”
18 May, 2024 Author: Catagories: Interviews

Jake Gyllenhaal is your Host for the Season 49 finale of Saturday Night Live — and for the Road House actor it feels like “graduation.”

“It’s the season finale right before Season 50, which is… amazing. Being on the show has always been a dream,” Gyllenhaal told NBC’s Mark Barger in a new interview. “I got to do it for the first time, do it again, and then the finale feels like some sort of graduation of having been able to survive and do it. It’s an honor. It’s a great honor.”

When the 43-year-old, who previously hosted SNL on January 13, 2007, and most recently on April 9, 2022, is asked what he remembers about his first time hosting he says, “I remember my very first monologue, I remember singing Dreamgirls, and I remember having a dress on underneath a suit. And I remember hoping, so hoping that it wouldn’t reveal until the moment.”


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Amazon Upfront Presentation In New York City
14 May, 2024 Author: Catagories: Gallery Updates, Road House

Photos of Jake attending Amazon MGM Studio and Prime Video’s inaugural Upfront presentation at Pier 36 in NYC today have been added to the gallery. It was announced that a sequel to ‘Road House’ is in the works.

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances > 2024 > Amazon Upfront Presentation

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