Jake Gyllenhaal on ‘Enemy’ and Dueling Doppelgangers
5 March, 2014 Author: Catagories: An Enemy, Interviews

Jake Gyllenhaal sits down with Q guest host Brent Bambury to talk about his latest film, Enemy — an erotic existential thriller in which he plays two identical men — and his unique relationship with Montreal director Denis Villeneuve.

In the psychological thriller, Gyllenhaal plays the dual roles of a nervous University of Toronto professor and his confident doppelganger. He opens up on the complexity of playing the contrasting characters in the film and exploring the conscious and unconscious mind.

The Oscar-nominated actor also explains the deep collaboration he and Villeneuve have on set, the trust between them and how their fraternal honesty shines through in the on-screen product.


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Jake Gyllenhaal On His Evolution As An Actor
28 February, 2014 Author: Catagories: An Enemy, Interviews

There’s no denying Jake Gyllenhaal is a heartthrob, but meeting the actor in person, it’s clear that the 33-year-old is first and foremost an artist. It’s evident in his recent choice of roles, and in the passionate and thoughtful way he speaks about his craft.

Gyllenhaal has always been one to take on challenging roles in provocative fare, dating back to his breakout role as a troubled teen in “Donnie Darko.” In the years that followed, the actor worked with a series of notable directors including Sam Mendes (“Jarhead”) and David Fincher (“Zodiak”). After experiencing a minor setback with “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” his first bid at a blockbuster franchise, Gyllenhaal returned to the dark character studies he made his name on. His latest, “Enemy,” from his “Prisoners” director and good friend Denis Villeneuve, opens March 14 and is currently available to view on DirecTV.


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‘Enemy’ Red Band Teaser Trailer (Video + Screencaps)
27 February, 2014 Author: Catagories: An Enemy, Gallery Updates, Videos

A24 has released a brand new red band teaser trailer for ‘Enemy’. (Remember, you must be at least 17 years old to view it.) Follow the links below to watch / download the video! Screencaps are in the gallery.

‘Enemy’ Red Band Teaser Trailer – (Watch) (Download)

Gallery Links:
Screen Captures > Movies > Enemy (2014) > Red Band Teaser Trailer

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New ‘Enemy’ Publicity Stills & On-Set Photos
26 February, 2014 Author: Catagories: An Enemy, Gallery Updates, Videos

Several new publicity stills (and on-set pictures) from Jake’s latest film, ‘Enemy’, have been added to the gallery. Our video archive has also been updated with 2 new ‘Enemy’ featurettes. View those here.

Gallery Links:
Official Movie Pictures > An Enemy (2014) > Publicity Stills
Official Movie Pictures > An Enemy (2014) > On-Set Photos

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Jake Talks ‘Enemy’ With The Huffington Post
18 February, 2014 Author: Catagories: An Enemy, Interviews

Jake Gyllenhaal is pretty much the ideal candidate for a film interview. For what I do for a living, there’s nothing worse than an actor who sleepwalks his or her way through an interview (though, considering how many he or she are often subjected to in a given day, it is at least understandable), not giving any thought to what is actually being said, just spitting out rehearsed line after line of predetermined PR-speak. I’m honestly not sure if Gyllenhaal would even be capable of that. He’s quick-witted, but also puts so much thought into his answers that often I just want to interrupt and tell him that everything will be okay. It’s obvious that Jake Gyllenhaal cares — which is almost unique in a world in which it’s cool not to care.

Gyllenhaal is promoting “Enemy” (which opens theatrically on March 14 and is on VOD through DirecTV as you read this), a psychological thriller that premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Oh boy, this movie. I honestly couldn’t wait to find out Gyllenhaal’s thoughts on this film. “Enemy” is immensely fascinating.


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