Our video archive has been updated with over 30 interviews with Jake from recent ‘Southpaw’ press junkets in Paris, London, LA and Miami. I’ve also added the BET ‘Southpaw’ movie special that aired on July 20th.

Video Links:
‘Southpaw’ Cast Plays “Save or Kill” (Collider)
‘Southpaw’ Interview (America With Jorge Ramos)
‘Southpaw’ Interview (Andrew Freund)
‘Southpaw’ Interview (Melty.fr)
‘Southpaw’ Interview (We Got This Covered)
‘Southpaw’ Interview (Sky News)
‘Southpaw’ Interview (Scene Creek)
‘Southpaw’ Interview (PopSugar) (#2)
+ More

Videos will be added as they become available, so check back regularly!