The trailer for Demolition finds Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, a grieving widower, penning a letter of complaint – but has the actor ever been so riled up he decided to formally file a grievance himself?

Turns out, the star once did as a kid!

“I don’t know if you remember: Kentucky Fried Chicken, when I was a kid, they had these things, [Chicken Littles] … like little hamburgers, but they were fried little chicken nuggets,” Gyllenhaal, 34, told reporters at Demolition’s world premiere at the opening night of the Toronto International Film Festival.

“Anyway, they discontinued them, and in school, we were told to learn how to write a complaint letter, right? So I wrote a complaint letter to Kentucky Fried Chicken telling them [to bring them back].”

The star may not be aware, but – according to food blogs like Serious Eats and Fast Food Geek – the Southern fast food favorite restored Gyllenhaal’s go-to childhood nibble to the menu back in 2012, after nearly 20 years of absence.