Jake Gyllenhaal: ‘Pushing Myself Is Part Of My Life’
26 April, 2016 Author: Catagories: Demolition, Interviews, Stronger

I meet Jake Gyllenhaal in a makeshift production office in an industrial estate outside Boston, Massachusetts. He is bright-eyed and sitting in a bare corner room. He closes the door on his dog, a big Alsatian, which roams outside among a team of assistants staring at screens and eating lunch. He has been here for six weeks making Stronger, a film based on the life of Jeff Bauman, who lost his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing and then identified one of the killers, who he had stood next to in the crowd.

Gyllenhaal, who has a legendary work ethic, is both starring in and producing the film. He’s got to know Bauman well. “The irony is that, however terrible the situation was, it gave him a real meaning and purpose,” he says. “Jeff is quite a character. A hilarious person. The movie is very funny. It is a story of someone who had to learn how to become a father and an adult through an unbelievably difficult and horrific situation. It is a story of how to grow up.”


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The Today Show (Video + Screencaps)
8 April, 2016 Author: Catagories: Demolition, Gallery Updates, Interviews, Videos

Jake Gyllenhaal and Judah Lewis stopped by The Today Show to talk about their new film, ‘Demolition’, in US theaters TODAY! Follow the links below to watch the interviews or download the clips in our media section.

The Today Show – (Jake Interview) (Jake & Judah Interview)

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Screen Captures > Television > Publicity Shows > The Today Show
Screen Captures > Television > Publicity Shows > The Today Show (#2)

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In Demolition, Jake Gyllenhaal Learns to Face His Emotions
6 April, 2016 Author: Catagories: Demolition, Interviews

Jake Gyllenhaal is known as an actor who goes through incredible physical transformations in order to get into his onscreen roles. For Southpaw last year, he famously trained with boxing pro Terry Clayborn for eight months, doing up to 2,000 crunches a day and packing on 15 pounds of rippled muscles to become Billy “The Great” Hope. Before portraying a nocturnal paparazzo in Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal lost close to 30 pounds by eating mostly kale salads and religiously running 15 miles a day. But for his new film, Demolition, opening in theaters Friday, April 8, the biggest physical transformation he went through was letting his body hair grow out.

As the 35-year-old actor told the crowd after the film’s premiere at SXSW, “I was actually a little embarrassed to play the part because sometimes I felt like the character was really close to myself, but that’s all that [director] Jean-Marc [Vallée] wanted,” Gyllenhaal said. “I’m thankful to him for that.”


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‘Demolition’ Gallery Update + Movie Clips
5 April, 2016 Author: Catagories: Demolition, Gallery Updates, Videos

Our gallery has recently been updated with a new international poster for ‘Demolition’, as well as lots of new stills and on-set photos. Our video archive has also been updated with a few new movie clips and featurettes for the film. More will be added as they become available! ‘Demolition’ hits US theaters this Friday, April 8th.

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Official Movie Pictures > Demolition (2016) > Publicity Stills
Official Movie Pictures > Demolition (2016) > Posters
Official Movie Pictures > Demolition (2016) > On-Set Photos

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Live With Kelly & Michael (Video)
23 March, 2016 Author: Catagories: Demolition, Gallery Updates, Interviews, Videos

Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by Live with Kelly and Michael today to talk about his latest film ‘Demolition’, as well as his upcoming project ‘Stronger’. Follow the link below to watch the interview in our video archive.

Live with Kelly & Michael (3.23.16) – (Watch) (Download)

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