Announcement: I Heart Jake Is Moving To A New Host
9 August, 2015 Author: Catagories: Site

Hello everyone. Due to circumstances that are out of our control, our current fansite hosting service has decided to close its doors, so we are now in the process of moving our site to a new host. As of tomorrow (August 10th), the IHJ gallery and video archive will be offline until the transfer to our new host is complete. I don’t know how long this process will take but I can assure you, all parts of the site will be back online as soon as possible. Our main site has already been moved, so check back here (or follow our Twitter account) for updates. Thanks for your continued support and sorry for any inconvenience this downtime may cause.

New Layout + Site Changes
2 August, 2011 Author: Catagories: Site

As you can see, we’ve put up a beautiful new layout here at, created by the talented Hillie at Patchwork Designs! The gallery also has a new layout so be sure to check it out. In addition to the layout changes, I’m happy to announce that has merged with another site you may know and visit, Jake Gyllenhaal Online. JGO’s webmaster, Connie, will be joining me here at and together we will continue to bring you the latest news, photos and more on Jake Gyllenhaal. Thank you for visiting!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow I Heart Jake on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on Jake!

New Video Archive Layout!
7 February, 2011 Author: Catagories: Site, Videos

My friend Claudia made an awesome new layout for our Video Archive, which you just have to check out! I was so tired of the old one and it almost made me not want to update the video archive at all, so hopefully I’ll start updating it now that we got this amazing layout. Have also added a few newer interviews that wasn’t in the archive.

Newly uploaded videos:
Interviews & Talkshows > BBC News – Love & Other Drugs Interview
Interviews & Talkshows > CBS Interview – Love & Other Drugs
Interviews & Talkshows > Love & Other Drugs – Interview
Interviews & Talkshows > Jake Gyllenhaal on turning 30

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New Gallery Layout + Photoshoot
19 January, 2011 Author: Catagories: Gallery Updates, Site

Got inspired so made a wonderful new layout for the gallery. I think it came out pretty well and must say I’m very proud of myself! Have also added the photoshoot that I used for the layout. Enjoy!

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Happy 30th Birthday Jake!
19 December, 2010 Author: Catagories: Site


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